Apprentiship Post 3?

So umm lately work has been really hectic. My co-worker Sabrina is on vacation in Italy, my co-worker Craig is in vacation in D.R and Tim is supervising a branch in Florida. As a result we are extremely short staffed right now. Everyone is on edge and beyond stressed out right now. To top it off, they just opened up a new branch which goes live today TT^TT. Due to this extremely endearing occurrence that was PERFECTLY timed, I have a ton of paperwork I need to put into the system for this branch. *Sigh* today’s going to be an extremely long day……

PS: List of things I have Learned~

- What an Affidavit of Domicile is

- Opening another branch takes a lot of patience and effort

- Questionnaires ( Entity and Individual) are primarily used for DVP accounts

- CIPs or Certification of Investment Powers are used for corps, LLCs, and I think trusts, but not used for individual, or ira accts.

That’s it for now….I think…..


Apprenticeship Blog Post 2 ish by AMANDA

So I kinda missed last weeks blog post but as of last week, I learned a few things. I learned about different accounts and the paperwork needed for each. If you see a prime brokerage agreement within the paperwork for a certain account, you know that the account is a DVP account. I learned that there are many different retirement accounts and that even though they are similar, they are most definitely different. An IRA is different than a SEP IRA or a ROTH IRA even though they are all retirement accounts. I learned that dealing with wills and the money of the deceased in regards to their account is a lot more complicated than I initially thought it would be and requires a lot of paperwork and communication with clients. WELL ~ that’s it basically….FOR NOW…. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN

Apprenticeship Scavenger Hunt Challenge: Business Cards

I have safely acquired the said business cards of my fellow co-workers. It was tough task but I overcame it. Mission Success!!!!!


Pre-Apprenticeship Blog Post


This is a timeline describing the different selves throughout the time in MOUSE Corps. Before mouse corps, I was a shy little girl who thinks almost only about grades in school and nothing else, not being able to talk to others, I was lonely. Then I joined MOUSE Corps, learned a lot about teamwork and becoming a leader. What used to be called as “bossy” has now became “leadership” in my eyes. I was able to learn about other things that I became interested in. Gaining experience through the Legacy projects helped me enjoyed the times of working with technology and knowing that these knowledges will be helpful. The future me, the me after the summer apprenticeship will be a me that will step into college, know how to manage my financial status along with my schedule, as well as a me that will be much more knowledgeable in technology.

Pre-Apprenticeship Blog Post by Kelvin


Before Mouse Corps: Was just an average kid skating by school and not really getting involved or doing anything worthwhile. Usually hung out with friends after school and played video games, not really doing anything of importance for my future career, although I really wasn’t set on what I wanted to do.

With Mouse Corps: With this amazing group of students and coordinators I was able to gain so much more knowledge in engineering and be opened up to many new exciting opportunities: A-Team, GadgeITERATION, Mozilla Workshops and Emoti-Con! I even have a set idea on what I might want to major in the future: Video game programmer, Computer Engineer, Software Engineer, Public Speaking or Computer Sciences.

Post-Apprenticeship: With GadgeITERATION, I hope to enhance skills in engineering by working on and creating awesome things from scrap parts, as well as meet many new people and make many new connections.




Pre Apprenticeship Blog



Before Mouse Corps I would describe myself as a shy person and oblivious to what I wanted to do in the future.

Now, I have gained work experience and learned how to work with a new group of people. I have also gained experience in public speaking.

For the future, or after my summer apprenticeship experience I will hope to broaden my network, learn how to manage my time and learn how to work in a professional environment.