In groups of 4, think of a design that you all use/experience regularly. Research 2-3 other iterations of that design (it could be earlier iterations or designs of the same thing but for made different users) 

Group members:

  • Kaylah
  • Seleste
  • Jaquan
  • Julian

What Object did you choose?

Kaylah, Seleste, Jaquan, and Julian has decided to look up chairs!!!!!!!!

2-3 Iterations: (Photos preferred!)

  1. Why do you think some one invented this product?

So they can rest their legs and feets

  1. Who is the intended user of each object?

Old people, Students, And lazy people who loves comfort.

  1. How and why are these iterations different?

One is a chair just to sit in, another for students to hold their books and write as they sit down, Lastly the other is used for comfort and relaxation

  1. Bonus: Can you think of any unintended uses for this product? (example: scissors for curling ribbon)

As a storage device (Julian)

To hit people with ( Seleste)

As a bed (Kaylah)

To stand in  (Jaquan)


Group members:

Kelvin, Isabela, Sarah



Why do you think someone invented of apple headphones?

Somebody invented headphones because someone probably wanted to listen to their music in peace without annoying other people.

Intended users:

People who don’t want to annoy other people by blasting their music/ podcasts.

How are these iterations different?

They are different because different headphones have different purposes. Like gaming, listening music, and video chatting.

Object Design Template

Activity 1: 

In groups of 4, think of a design that you all use/experience regularly. Research 2-3 other iterations of that design (it could be earlier iterations or designs of the same thing but for made different users) 

Group members: 

  • Me
  • You
  • You

What Object did you choose?

2-3 Iterations: (Photos preferred!)

  1. Why do you think some one invented this product?
  2. Who is the intended user of each object?
  3. How and why are these iterations different?
  4. Bonus: Can you think of any unintended uses for this product? (example: scissors for curling ribbon)

Welcome to our 2014-2015 MOUSE Corps Team!

We are so excited to announce our 2014-2015 MOUSE Corps Team! We have an AMAZING group this year!

Congratulations Aayman, Abraham, Amanda, Anthony, Avishek, Carlos, Caroline, Donald, Eugene, Isabela, Jaquan, Jasdev, Jose, Jubaar, Julian, Kaylah, Kelvin, Malcolm, Mickell, Navisha, Nikolaos, Omar, Sarah, Seleste, Thomas, Zacharry, Zaheer, representing:

  • Hudson High School of Learning Technologies,
  • Baruch College Campus High School,
  • In-Tech Academy,
  • William Cullen bryant High School,
  • Gateway Academy
  • Urban Assembly Gateway School for Tech,
  • Murray Hill Academy,
  • Baccalaureate School for Global Education, and
  • James Madison High School!


Congratulations, all!

ROKO Labs Apprenticeship Experience

I was the youngest intern at ROKO Labs this year. Surrounded by all these elders and college-sempais (upperclassmen) made me really nervous at first. Especially on the first day, knowing that Amy was a member of the MOUSE Board, made me think that she’s a really strict person, but throughout the apprenticeship, I feel that she’s a very fun and wonderful person like Meredith. A great leader that always know how to make fun and work fit together at the same time. She is one of the most inspiring female that I look up too.

Working at ROKO Labs, I was able to help out bits and pieces of different projects that others have been working on. One project that I helped out is the ROKO Labs intranet using google sites. It took a lot of work, but each page was fun. It was hard to create an intranet because it was hard to make it appropriate but somewhat professional. Finding appropriate gadgets that fit for each of the pages werr hard but it was fun looking at the hmtl code to get rid of parts of the gadgets code when adding the gadgets to the page. Other projects that I was able to take a small part in was ONE-Access and NYSE Connect. My part in these projects are mostly the entering of data but knowing these applications/sites enlarges my knowledge base of the types of softwares available for the various businesses.

By the end of this apprenticeship, I’ve learnt a lot more about working in an co-working space, and the fun that it brings all. Connecting all that works there as well as all that visits there for work. Everyone treats each other with respect, the fun times that all share at the same time, it’s all great experiences. This apprenticeship gave me a lot of experience in learning about other interns’ college life and other co-workers’ employee/employer life. I’m sure this will encourage myself to work hard in both my future college and worker life.

IMG_3582 IMG_3576


Taken From

When I had asked to work with a group of kids, I did not have this in mind but it worked out pretty nicely. Although it was a struggle for me at first it was overall a great experience that tested my patience and communication skills with the younger generation. I tried to sit down and observe but found myself playing and participating with the children, which ultimately created strong connections between me and the children and surprisingly even the parents. 

The first week was hard for me because of the need of getting used to the tumult of noise at Storefront on a habitual routine, but it only took a week for me to acclimate. My mentor Dr. A is an amazing teacher and mother to these children in the camp. These children learn about scientific concepts such as inertia and gravity at a young age, which allows for a better understanding in the future. I enjoyed learning with the children about concepts that I should have already known going into college and although it was embarrassing at times I enjoyed the playful laughter and excited taunts the Storefront Kids would throw at me at the end of camp. 

I never saw myself as a person who was able to be SO patient but it happened, mainly because I just started playing along and laughing with them. Leonissa is an AMAZINGperson with an enormously patient attitude and a fortified sense of education and direction. She cares about everyone of her tiny disciples and cherishes their responses although they sometimes make no sense.

Leaving the apprenticeship I am saddened because I will no longer be able to laugh and play like I am a 5 year old again I guess this was a good wake up call. Honestly inside I’m still one of those kids so thank you Storefront Science for magnifying the “inner child” with in.  

Storefront Science Apprenticeship

My name is Sarah and Storefront Science was the second internship I had this summer. My apprenticeship host was Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone. The foundation that Leonisa built is truly amazing. Storefront Science is a six week summer camp for children ages 4 through 12. I have worked at StoSci all six weeks. Just like my previous internship at EDC, I had no idea what to expect as I had never formally worked with children before. I have taken care of children, but never in large groups and I have never taught science to such a broad age group before. That was another new challenge I tackled, teaching.

Everyday was a new challenge, not only with science, but dealing with children. It got really difficult and frustrating at times when kids were demanding or simply acting like children. However, more often than not, it was very rewarding. It was rewarding when I was able to clear up a concept for a child or helping them out on a project. The most rewarding part of all this was the hugs, smiles, laughter and love that the atmosphere held in the small basement of the Church. Aside from making sure every child went home with a new science concept, we made sure every child went home satisfied and cared for. I could never forget the experience Storefront Science and Leonisa (and of course MOUSE) provided me with this summer. It definitely was the better part of my summer and ended my summer with a bang. I have left this internship with a lot of experience, great memories and joy