Recap: IDEO’s human-centered design workshops

MOUSE Corps students practiced the global design firm IDEO‘s human-centered design approach over the course of 2 workshops this month.

The process begins with “Inspiration”.  Looking for new design opportunities for their Legacy Projects, students interviewed blind and visually-impaired community members, staff and teens at Visions @ Selis Manor during the first workshop on 1/10.  After documenting all of their observations, we brought our user-stories and some brainstorm-guiding  ‘how might we?’ questions to the 2nd workshop on 1/17 at IDEO headquarters in Soho.  The amazing Kourtney Bitterly and several other volunteers from the IDEO design team facilitated the “Ideation” stage of their design process.   Students follow IDEO’s ‘rules’ of brainstorming:

  • Defer judgement
  • Encourage wild ideas
  • Build on the ideas of others
  • Stay focused on topic
  • One conversation at a time
  • Be visual
  • Go for quantity

After only 10 minutes of crazy-fast brainstorming, students were ready with dozens of ideas.  They voted on their top idea and built a rapid prototype of that idea to share with the whole group:

MOUSE Corps students will iterate upon and deepen these practice-ideas at the Legacy Design Retreat on Saturday (1/24) at Cooper-Hewitt!