Group 3: Dining Challenge

Our group’s challenge was to improve the dining experience of the blind and visually impaired. What we thought of creating was a kit, which included an attachment for the fork, an earpiece, and a plate.

The fork’s attachment will be able to tell temperature, what type of food, and how much of it using four sensors on four of the pins. The earpiece will be the communication between the fork and the user, to be able to tell what the food is, i.e. steak, or dessert. Lastly, the plate will have pop-out buttons across the edge that would react to the location of the food on the place.

The feedback team pointed out many culprits. One of them was breaking the sensors of the attachment by accident, due to the fact that they were on the mouthpiece of the fork. Secondly, was the plate, because it would be inappropriate to carry a pretty heavy dish with you to public places.