Today we interviewed visually impaired adult & students…

Today we interviewed visually impaired adult & students to critique our designs

one of the ideas that we came up with was creating a small tutorial about our app in order to make sure users are not confused about how different our app works.

Another idea that came up while interviewing someone was making sure that our app would work while the device was out of service area.

Summary of Notes:
While we were at Selis Menor, we interviewed 3 people. One of them was the senior computer instructor and when asked about our idea, she replied that she had tried similar apps but was disappointed each time because the way they communicated was not weird; for example, the app might tell her to go left 5 miles, and turn right 3 miles. She recommended that we use a headset or blue tooth so that she doesn’t disturb other people. Next, we interviewed 3 people: Corena, Justin, and Tiani. Corena and Tiani were part of an after-school program offered by Selis Menor while Justin was their supervisor. They told us that they liked our idea, but that we might want to think about the names of specific places, such as a deli. Finally, we talked to Dawn, the diretor of workforce development for youth. She recommended that the concept of constantly updating progress may annoy the users, so it should be a feature that enables the feature to turn it on or off.


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