Dans le Noir

In front of Dans Le Noir
Today, a group of MouseCore students and I, as well as our mentor Meredith, went to “Dans le Noir” or “Dining in the the Dark”. We were able to experience how the completely blind view life, in complete darkness. We were not able to see anything, it was paranoia inducing knowing that you could easily trip or hurt yourself without the aid of your eyes to guide you. Before we went into the darkroom, we all had to be connected by getting into a single line and placing our left hands on the person’s shoulder who is in front of you. Marco, are guide was the leader of the line. It was scary at first to walk into the abysmal darkness, especially knowing that we had to rely solely on Marco to guide us through the labyrinth. As it turns out, when Marco showed us the schematics for the room design, it was basically a straight path and on either side there are tables set up. It was a great experience, the only problem that arose from the visit was that the only way we could legally dine there, we would have to be 18 or older.



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