Prototype Updates (Fashionator)


-Major sections:
1. Sign in
2. Closet/Choosing outfit
-Mission statement + tutorial FOR first-time users, one time ONLY (in the tutorial mention where all the main buttons would be located and how to use the application. make sure that when you scan you make sure that you turn your flash on or if you dont have flash then make your room as bright as possible.)
-Back button on top left corner (ALWAYS)
-Next button on bottom right corner (ALWAYS)
-Audio Statements for each screen, purpose: tell the user what are the going to click on
-loading page of app – “Welcome to The Fashionator”
-Scan – “For better qualities of the pictures taken, please make your room brighter or turn on the flash of your camera on”
-Closet – bottom middle of screen – “click the button on the bottom middle of the screen to start choosing your outfit.”
-Occasion – “Choose the occasion you need attend today. If you choose casual, click next to go on to the Themes page.”


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