Prototyping (Dining Challenge)

We decided that instead of a napkin to scan the food and identify the food we decided to think about other things
We decided on a watch last week but this week we identified some problems with the watch.
-The watch would be super costly and is almost impossible to make
-The watch doesn’t connect to the internet
We decided that since everyones has a phone then we could make an app instead which would be software
The part of the challenge that cuts the food into bite size pieces for the user could be the hardware part.
Consider: Cost and Accessibility
App functions:
-Identify the food
-Communicate with the user
-Deflects the hand from touching the food because you already know where the food is
Not Sure: App or attachment to the phone
Attachment scans the food
App Identifies the location of the food
Process: Camera watch —-> Phone —–> Internet ——>Phone
CONCLUSION: Its a watch that detects distance (sensor) from the plate and takes a picture of the food, the picture is sent to the phone which sends it to the the app which identifies the food and sends it back to the user immediately by vibrating
Sensor > Phone > Watch >Vibrate


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