Today We Spent Our Day in SAP!

Today is personally one of the reasons Mouse Corps has been such an amazing experience so far. We went to the SAP corporation in Manhatton to have a better understanding on the work environment. Mouse Corps experienced how a business meeting would go. There were volunteers from the SAP company as well as Mouse Workers who taught us the proper form of working. For example, we had to come up with scenarios on what NOT to do, as well as comeup with a moral on how to prevent improper forms of worksmanship. Also, our interview skills were put to the test as we all went to “an interview”. The parts of the day that really stood out was the friendly environment as well as the helpful criticism that will help our future interviewing skills. All in all, I am extrememly excited about the shadowships that will be coming up in the following weeks. As always, I hope Mouse Corps continues to be exciting and fun!


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