My First Day at DoITT

Yesterday on Monday, I attended my first day at DoITT(The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications). I went to one of the Manhattan locations, where we met our mentor as well as had a brief tour of the workspace, we discussed what DoITT was all about as well as was encouraged to check out the DoITT website to find a more in depth response on who they are. After the introduction, I was relocated to the Brooklyn location. From there, are mentor told me a little more about the company and I was able to see the “average task” by watching one of the workers. I learned the programs that they used as well as the process and skill needed to complete a task. I have gained a lot of experience on the first day alone and I cannot wait to see on how far this shadowship will take me. I am very excited to explore DoITT!


3 thoughts on “My First Day at DoITT

  1. Neimat,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts for the the first day.
    I’m curious, what have you been most surprised about since you started your shadowship?
    Can’t wait to hear how things will continue for you at DoITT.

    • The most surprising thing that I noticed was the easy going nature of the office setting, the scenery was set up as an average cubicle office, but each cubicle wasn’t repetitious, each work space had it’s own flare that was designed by the owner of the cubicle, whether it was their personal collection of Mr. Potato Head in various forms or a collection of rat plush toys. One of the more enjoyable surprises was the fact that the environment wasn’t extremely formal, they managed to keep focused, while maintaining a casual work environment.


  2. Thanks for sharing your first day! Do you remember the names of some programs they use when completing their “average tasks”? Were people dressed in professional attire or business casual?

    Glad to hear you’re excited for the rest of your shadowship!

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