Shadowshop Blogging Prompts

Congratulations MOUSE Corps 2012 on getting started with your spring shadowships! We look forward to reading all about your experiences on the MOUSE Corps blog. Please remember to post a minimum of three blogs during your shadowship. The ideas below should provide some inspiration but if you have other thoughts to blog about, please feel free. This is your space and your place to share.

  • What problem does your organization solve or issue does it address? Read brochures about your company. Research their mission statement and/or services provided online.  Ask your mentors too!
  • Describe an example of iteration at your company. How was it used to improve a process, service or product?
  • Discuss some of the different types of technology used at your company. Do you get to use any of them? If so, what?
  • Tell us about someone you have met in your shadowship. What has their career path been? What can you learn from them?  Set up an informational coffee/snack session with a coworker and take some time to get to know team members other than your mentor.
  • Share a photo montage from your office. Take some photos of your workspace and describe the culture and environment at your office. Make sure you get approval to post these photos from your shadowship mentor.
  • What is something you might change or improve about the technology available at your organization?
  • How has this shadowship shaped your thoughts about high school, college or your future career?
  • Have you met anyone who has inspired you? Who? How do they inspire you? What do you admire about him/her?
  • Share at least three pieces of NEW professional advice you have learned during your shadowship.
  • Explain the history of your company. Who, when, how and why was it founded? Ask a mentor or research it online.



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