S&C shadowship

How has this shadowship shaped your thoughts about high school, college or your future career?

So far, this shadowship at S&C has really “opened” my eyes to the business world. At first, I only thought that I will be working more and more on computers, but seeing how hard other people in S&C works for other people, I feel that I should learn more from them and try to shape myself up.
This shadowship will definitely help decide my college and what I want to do in my future career. A lot of the people that I met in S&C may have had a college major that has nothing to do with what they are doing right now in S&C. Therefore, I feel that I can learn from them, and relax myself from the pressure that I’m putting on myself to choose one definite major that I want to learn.
Even though I still not sure what type of Technology i want to major in, I have a feeling that I will figure it out during this shadowship.


2 thoughts on “S&C shadowship

  1. Peizhu- Thanks for sharing how much the shadowship has opened your eyes. Really wonderful to hear. I’m glad you are learning about different career paths. Have you had a chance to talk more specifically to any of the S&C team members to find out more about what they do? Which roles and responsibilities seem most interesting to you? It is good to take off some of that pressure to choose a major, I hope you ultimately major in something you decide you love and enjoy doing. What has been fun about the shadowship so far? If you were to work at S&C full time and put yourself into the shoes of some of the people you met what do you think could be most fun and fulfilling part of your job?

    • I just recently worked with Gil.G. from the S&C hardware support team, and he always says that his job is the best job in S&C because he gets to walk around the whole building and know everyone. And I feel that knowing so much about machines are a great thing. More over, Gil remembers so much things that happens in S&C. It surprises me the most that he remembers so many people in S&C. It’s possible that the reason is because those people always get hardware problems that can’t be solved through the Help Desk group. (NO offenses to those people). If I work there full time, I think the most fun thing that would happen is the meeting of many different people in so many different departments. Since everyone is so nice and respectful, I sure working with them is one of the best things for people who works in S&C.

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