First week at New York Life Insurance

First day, 9 A.M. in the morning, I walked into the office. I met with my mentor ,sat in his office and talked for a good hour. We began talking about the company, and by the end we were talking about what I would be doing in the future. Let me start off with what we talked about, first we talked about the building. It is a national land mark. The building is going through renovations which is why there are scaffoldings in the street. The renovation will take 2 more years, as they replace damaged lime stones in the building. However, the building being the headquarters, doesn’t have many employees. They have rented a building a block down and many were moved to Weschester, NY after the 9/11 event. Then, we moved on to how they operate. They open offices, wherever there is huge number of populations and higher people of the same nationality as their future customers to better connect with them. The next meeting, I met with an associate programmer. We had a great talk. Our career goals were exactly the same.



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