Our First Tech Mentor Meeting(Smart Chair)

We are discussing how we would want the SmartChair to function. We are comparing different types of sensors for each task we want our prototype to accomplish. We are dividing the functionalities of the chair in inputs and outputs. The questions that arrise is “What types of input is needed?” “How will we output this data?” “What data will the User need?”. Our tech mentor, Joe Saavedra, explained to us the input/ sensors that we will be most likely be using:
Infra Red Sensor
Magnetometer(aka Compass)
Sonar Sensor(Ultra Sonic)
The output would be through audio communications, as well as tactile vibrations to aid in the user’s communication with the SmartChair
Our team is hopefully going to start tinkering with our prototype by the next tech meeting which will be on Monday April 9 at 2PM


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