Second Blog post For Shadow ship At New York

My second time going to showdowship was very interesting, my mentor introduced me to one of his co-workers that works in the technology field. He was a very cool guy not only that he wanted to take me out to do a ticket so I can see him do some hands on work but unfortunately that was not possible that certain date. So instead I asked him a whole bunch of questions(hopefully he didn’t mind) about how it was to work at New York life and how he got to where he is and all that ETC. I also asked about certifications and I also mentioned that I was taking Comptia A+ exam. Then we started talking about it and I realized what I was learning in class really did matter in the real technology industry, and that staying calm and having communicating skills is really important to be a technician. He told that at first being a technician wasn’t his first choice, it was being an financial analyzable or close to something like that. overall I really enjoyed talking to him, I think that with the information I was given that day, I want to become a technician even more.


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