Ok, its about time that I start my shadowship! First day- came 3 minutes before noon to find that no one was there. waited a couple a minutes later and then got into the Hall of Science. Well jokes aside, we went and discussed our schedules for upcoming sessions and activities. We were then introduced to a bit about the World Fair of 1939- a huge success and 1964- not so much of a success. Afterwards we discussed the idea of the game- which if I understood correctly should be an actual physical scavenger hunt to gather information about the World Fair. Supposedly there would be “hotspots” or something of the sort where you will digitally receive the information. Now how to turn this into a game… meh I don’t know, we’ll figure that out later. We then toured the Hall of Science to get a better understanding of the layout- it is too bad that the great hall- one of the remnants of the World Fair is closed for restoration until the year I graduate! we sneaked a peek inside and it was really cool. something educational… the World Fairs of Queens seemed to revolve around futuristic themes, though classic art was still popular. We then went around Corona Park and found the Unosphere- the symbol of the 1964 Fair. The park was nice, lots of nature and some people fooling around and cursing at a picnic and a bride and groom walked past us- yeah! seems fun. But look around and there isn’t a single grocery store within 4 blocks. Oh! we took a picture of the Unosphere and then continued to talk about other games and etc. then headed home. note: none of my rambles were a lie. :D


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