Second Day- 1st day at PPH

Okay the building is not as grand as many of yours- a small building and the office is in a suite much like our MOUSE Corps office but its the content that matters. Today we learned the components of games- what must be considered before designing a game and what makes a game a game. We had a scavenger hunt right off the bat to get familiarized with the area and people- who knew it was so hard to find a picture of your neighborhood half a century back. We then tried out a few games previously designed by the Gotham gazzete and learned, from a professor from NYU- (sorry I forgot her name:P) that there are heavy limits when designing what is called a “news” game or better known as a simple educational game. Though it is called simple, the games actually takes a long time to be developed. As with all games there must be a theme around the idea and when it is educational we must research about the topic. Then we must incorporate the facts into the game and somehow make it fun. Usually, educational games are to be quick, easy, and simple meaning there is no need to read the rules except for maybe the controls. Games that take too long may cause a loss of interest. Also when designing a game, we must be careful- not all games must be thought of as a game, after all the main purpose is to get the message across. Afterwards we brainstormed several gaming concepts- such as what message are we trying to give and being a resident of NYC we decided to draw up a game to introduce NYC to a new resident. We came up with scenarios and choices the avatar could make, changing the endgame with each decision. Challenges such as mini-games and puzzles could be inputted along the story and hinder advancement. Well it wasn’t like we were going to use this design but we got the hang of the process of designing a game- not so much different from the design process all of us are using for the Legacy Project either. Next week, we are going to begin the discussion of the actual Worlds fair game- can’t really wait for that, I think my excitement is on par with Hiram’s.
Facts: designing and creating simple little educational game with a team of 6-10 part time workers and 1-full timer takes about 2~3 months. Now, for games like Assassins Creed or Pokemon that comes out every year or so, that takes about a couple of hundred full timers AND they already have a template story-line…
Interesting Question: If you were on a small boat out in the ocean and you had to throw out a new-born or and old man or else you would sink, who would you throw out? Adding to that lets say you had a hundred gold bars that was the real cause for the heavy boat… money or morals? Replies are appreciated.


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