Prototyping the SmartChair

We didn’t know what the problem was before Joe arrived, we couldn’t get the wave shield to access the SD card, but when Joe told us that we didn’t read the instructions correctly, it was a very upsetting roadblock. We forgot to solder four wires, now that it works we came across another problem with some files not playing, which was quickly fixed by shortening the file names of the files. Another problem that arose was a software error, the code had an extra portion of the code that told the wave shield to skip a file, that was quickly fixed by removing about 3 lines of code. We are also going to instead of soldering the wires onto the circuit we are going to add female headers just in case we want to rearrange the wires at a later time. For the LV-MaxSonar- EZ1, we want to give multiple warnings so when the sensor outputs around 210 it will give the first warning and when it outputs 160 it will give a second warning. We also tested the Prototype outside, the sensors worked outside, people parted their way for the person on the wheelchair, which made testing the sensors so much easier. Our prototype is starting to come together however we still have the data values correct because we don’t want the same sound reiterating constantly

Here’s our code for the project, including all drafts and test Arduino sketches! Don’t forget that you need to install the WaveHC library from Adafruit before you try to run this code.

Awesome job today!!


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