My Second Day at PPH

On the second day, we were to meet up in the actual workspace of PPH. To be honest, it wasn’t as huge, but it was still a nice place. After Winston (FINALLY) showed up, we began with a scavenger hunt to get used to the work area (We probably did a scavenger hunt because that is the form our game is going to take). Afterwards, we began to discuss what is it that made a game a game. We broke it down to the basic properties, such as rules, challenges, etc. Then, once our guest showed up (whose name I also forgot UGH) we began to talk about brainstorming games, something we like to call “gamestorming.” We were introduced to the concept by actually trying to come up with some playable games that also taught lessons. We came up with many ideas, but in the end we decided to flesh out a game about a newcomer to the city. We then had to come up with the rules, challenges, outcomes, etc. We still had many more ideas, however, it was time to go so we all had to go our separate ways. I look forward to Friday’s meeting in which we will do “gamestorming,” but now for our actual game project.


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