Fifth Day W PPH @ NYSCI

Today we gathered all the information we acquired the previous day and basically summarized it. It turned out that we actually accomplished a lot of work just from that jumble of mess. We began to draw out a story line and work on the characters themselves. Two that we spent a considerable amount of effort on were “TIM” and “Robert Moses’s Assistant” as these two were fictional characters that we created and could thus play with them as we like. Though I summarize our work in a single sentence, it took in reality hours to develop the plot and quest. We also would like to implement augmented reality and image recognition as well as A&R codes. What was most hard was trying to make it “fun” for the audience and yet keep a balance between “game-play” and “story-line”. We had a lunch break and had a battle between Japanese Cuisine and Mexican- Japanese wins in the end. Before we left we told PPH, and they recorded, what we learned, liked and our thoughts on the future of the project. All in all it ended in a very pleasing note.


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