My Final Day at PPH

For the final day for the Shadowship we met up at the NY Hall of Science. Since I had missed the meeting before, the first hour was spent getting me up to speed. Then, we began to to do more story and character development. We invented two particularly colorful characters, T.I.M. (which stands for “Time Interfering Machine”) a time traveling watch that has a rather interrupting and impatient personality and “Robert Moises’s Assistant” otherwise known as “The Assistant”, who is an extremely helpful yet somewhat short tempered guide. These two characters will be extremely important in moving the story along, however, I can’t say why, because I refuse to give out free spoilers. We then had a brief lunch (because we were completely starved) in which we shared stories about our backgrounds, families, etc. We then got back to to story boarding and got through most of the story until we had to go. It was sad to leave, but its nice to know that we’ll hopefully be back later in the spring. I can’t wait!


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