Final days at NYL (i thought i posted this already guess not oh well =)

So my final days at NYL were very informative on my part. I saw how my mentor had to go to meeting after meeting. (one almost put me to sleep) For the most part the meeting had to do with how new projects were being handed and if they required more or less consultants. After long hours of meetings and me meeting my mentors co-workers we went to the cafeteria. Let me just tell you that not only was it big but it was like a melting pot. The cafeteria had food from different countries. Unfortunately we didn’t spend a lot of time in the cafeteria because we were already late for an interview. As i said before the meeting we had took longer than the original time expected. So we met the guy we were supposed to meet (cant recall his name) and he had a pretty lengthy resume. Unfortunately the interview was cut a bit short (i think it was long and thought why didn’t they just hire him already) because of a town hall meeting that they had and it was employees only. I was not invited so that sucked but i still had next week. The following week we met again for the final final meeting, So i got there around 3:57, and Kieth says that the coordinator that organized the shadow-ship meetings wanted to talk to me about the meetings. He took me down to the “Executive floor” (by the way it was very classy.) He escorted me down to Elaine. We talked for like a 30-45 minutes. She asked me about how the shadow-ship was going, and i responded that it was great amazing experience. I said that i got to see how it is to work in a busy corporate building is. After our little meeting Elaine had a present for me IT WAS A SWEATER!!! I give a great big that to whoever was a part in my present. Well although that was pretty much it i still hope to keep contact with my mentor Kieth. Thanks again Kieth i appreciate all the time you have given to me shadowing you. THANK YOU!!!!


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