2nd Tech Mentor Meeting w. Joe

-We are starting this meeting by looking through everything that we ordered last week to build the Wristband.
-We are going to start prototyping by building our prototype circuit on a breadbroad
-We used an LED light to represent our vibration motors because they are both just either on or off
-We wired our distance sensor to a breadboard
-We coded the Arduino pin
-We created an IF statement to make the sensor work with the LED lights which represents our vibration motors
-We put a button on the Breadboard and we created an IF statement to check if the button has being pressed or not.
-We soldered wires to the temperature sensor to connect it (We started it)

Finish Code (pretty close to done)
Add temperature sensor to circuit
Add vibrator motor circuit

Move everything to the Arduino pro mini and attach to wristband


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