Northrop Grumman Week 3 That day was a…

Northrop Grumman Week 3

That day was a very interesting day because I got to attend an executive conference with the big bosses. I didn’t participate in the conversation but I did get a sense of idea how Northrop Grumman operates. I just sat and listen to their conversation, I somewhat got lost cause I didn’t know what they were talking about. They seemed to be fascinated by me, it’s like their first time to deal with a flaming headed high school senior watching them talk about some broken tower. They were more down to earth than the stereotypical bosses. I found them very chill.

Also, I was running around the entire office. Trying to get people together, well actually, more like my mentor was trying to get people together to discuss about a certain issue. But I was lucky enough to see that in action, and not just sitting around in an office doing some report. Thank God, there was some accident at that time, some action!

I also got some really good advice from people regarding about women in a male dominated work environment. I also saw the famous office politics and obnoxious coworkers. These people are so diverse, not only on ethnic background but also with their ideas, which is important. With that diversity the Northrop Grumman project was successful. It’s like having a puzzle, put together in a right place and that balances it out.


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