3rd Mentor Meeting w. Joe (Final Prototype)

-We previously ordered a temperature sensor from China and it had arrived
-Joe worked on the vibration motor and he edited the code
-We are attaching the pin via soldering to the mini arduino so that we can program it
-We are attaching two female header pins to the mini arduino
-We are using a protoboard to hold the circuit
-We are attaching two male header pins to the protoboard
-We are going to need to control the vibration motor through a transistor on an arduino
-We are going to convert USB to FTDI
-We are assembling our final circuit
-We are going to connect the middle pin of the transistor to a digital pin (d4) to control the vibration motor
-We are going to attach the vibration motor to the VCC (Positive)
-We are going to connect the distance sensor to the circuit
Red-Digital Pin
-Solder Analog Distance sensor to A0

  • We are going to check if the distance sensor is programmable

-The On/Off button is attached to a digital pin (d7)
-We are going add an LED to the On/Off button so as to debug it and for us to know if the prototype is on eating mode or not
-10 ohm resistors (for the button)
-We are connecting the LED to a digital pin (d11)
-We created an enclosure for the prototype
-We are now connecting the distance sensor
-We are going to code so that arduino can be programmed to test the temperature sensor
testing. mission completed.
-We are going to attach the temperature sensor to the circuit
-Solder temperature sensor to A2
-We are to use hot glue to insulate the back of the sensors
-The sensor calculates temperature in Celsius

  • We are going to put the circuit in the enclosure (FINAL STEP)

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