Northrop Grumman Blog post #2

On my first day of my shadowship at Northrop Grumman, I became acquainted with Tom (formally known as Thomas Randolph), who works as a project manager there. I was paired with Eric and we were given our own desks, which was pretty nice. After we settled down, we were given our first assignment, which was to design a bike for an imaginary client. The point of this assignment was for us to understand the concepts and elements behind designing a product for any client. He assumed the role of the client and gave us some of the requirements; initially, he gave us very general information about the bike he wants, which he purposefully did in order to show us that we need to ask clients for as many details about the product as possible. After he gave us more details, Eric and I began to come up with a lot of ideas. After this exercise, we understood what it was like to be in the shoes of someone who has to come up with a product. Next, he brought us down to the computer room where he wanted to show us (Eric, Samantha, and I) a neat simulator on the internet that allows anybody to see the possibility the snow occurring. Unfortunately, he did not have access and thus we were unable to see it. However, he continued the tour and actually brought us to the control room which had views of virtually the entire floor. Finally, we went back to our desks to grab our stuff and say good bye before leaving the building.


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