Blog #3 at NYL

I had wanted to learn more about iteration. My mentor set me up with their iteration person. Originally, I was supposed to meet with the person on my third day, but due to the reorganization of the company the person was let go before I had the chance to meet with her. So, on my last two meetings I met with a program manger and the person who had knowledge on iteration. I talked with the person and learned of a title, scrum leader. A scrum leaser is a person who keeps the group moving forward. In our case, it was the program mangers in MOUSE for us, who set deadlines and organized our meetings. She mentioned about a process called Waterfall. You start off with prioritizing the most important parts, and set deadlines to finish each stuff. So you start off with focusing on one part of the project, you perfect it and then move on to another part. The process keeps on repeating. Surprising we were following similar if not the same process. We are focusing on the dress selection and the deadline being before the Emoti-Con.

For some reason my 12 mp camera didn’t function properly the day I needed it, so here’s a blurry picture of what the person drew up of the process.

Overall, great shadowship experience. Got to learn more in depth about what I waned to know.

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