2012 Summer Internship at The Hive Learning Network (Research)

The Hive Learning Network is a community of civic and cultural institutions dedicated to transforming the learning landscape, and creating opportunities for youth to explore their interests in virtual and physical spaces. Through the Hive, youth will have multiple, continuous and connected opportunities to explore their intellectual and skill-based interests. The fragmented learning environment highlights the need for organizations that serve youth in the out-of-school space to work together in order to create connected learning experiences, to not only engage and meet youth where they are, but to provide them with necessary 21st century skills. Through programs created under a shared, Network framework, Hive sites will demonstrate ways to connect learning experiences, so that informal, out-of-school learning is connected to formal, in-school learning, which will increase the number of diverse learning opportunities for youth. The Hive Network will utilize digital media and mentoring as devices to deliver learning, and will provide a system to recognize student work produced in informal spaces as acceptable documentation of performance against core academic standards.



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