Thank you for the ISTE experience

We rocked the house at ISTE today! Today was fun and enjoyable and I am extremely grateful to Mouse for selecting me to be apart of the wonderful ISTE event! I felt so confident and excited when I was able to explain to people what Mouse is! I would also like to give a shot out to the Mouse Corps members, your projects were amazing, and many people from across the world agrees! I’d also like to give a shot out to the awesome people that helped make San Diego an even better experience for me. Alex, you are a California native and your parents are awesome at tours as well as your light heartedness made everything less stressful. Susan, for being extremely kind and always having a positive attitude about everything. Last but not least Marc, for being a comic relief as well as taking initiative when we started to all go astray and lose focus on the task at hand, also, for standing up to everyone and pronouncing Basshunter the way it should be pronounced!

Thank you all so much for this wonderful experience,


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