S&C times

Since last week was a holiday week, many lawyers and workers were out and so there were less work for the PC support to do. However, this week, especially monday and tuesday, so many people were have problems with their hardwares and phones… even the interns got busier because the level 2 people, who handles software, smartcard/token things, didn’t have enough time to walk around givinig back the blackberries to people who had them fixed, so we interns went to walk around and help giving them back. Although that is not exciting, I’m glad that I can help.

Also this week, I was able to with more things, for the past 2 days, I’ve been helping the hardware support group by helping imaging some pcs and it’s really interesting when it comes to learning more about something that you know already. It makes me feel proud of myself because I’m learning more than some people that are the same age or even older than me.

I’m sure that this internship will give me much more experience that I can be proud of, later in my life.


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