My first Week as an Intern at Citigroup’s…

My first Week as an Intern at Citigroup’s Executive Support ie.Helpdesk. The first day was hectic, to the point that I won’t describe it. Well of course as I was suddenly placed in a different building it is to be expected. However, the rest of the week was a great experience! Already I have “built” a total of 3 computer workstations and 4 laptops. “Build” refers to wiping out an entire H.D.D an re-installing the standard programs- Microsoft 2010, Citi wallpaper, Adobe, and also Checkpoint Security as well as anti-virus and patches-via OVCM. I also followed my mentors around the place carrying equipment or pushing carts for them and watch as they troubleshoot and solve problems. I even set up a whole empty office, plugging in tower to monitor to printer and setting it all up. Today was a lucky day for me, a client’s blackberry couldn’t receive email and three other clients had new blackberries which had to be activated and registered. After watching how to set up the first one, I worked with the second one under supervision and the third I did alone.
My mentors are a riot, Sonny makes the most jokes, be it puns or jokes or other things which cause me to laugh.


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