LivePerson Internship Week 1

My internship so far at LivePerson has been very thought provoking and creative. The first couple of days I was getting accustomed to the format or schedule that me and my partner Omar were going to follow for most of our time here at LivePerson. Once we realized we would be working for the most part in projects involving nation me and omar worked together to familiarize ourselves as soon as possible to the way nation works.

One of the things that’s been really helpful is the sessions we have been having with other members of the community team here at LivePerson and understanding what it is they do and how they do it. By taking some advice, some of their Mode of operation we’ve been able to shape and start to execute some ideas for LivePerson nation. I think in terms of valuable information this was some of the best thing me we learned this week because I believe it’s going to be important for me and omar to come up with new and creative ideas but also with does ideas doing them in a way that it would normally be done here at LP.


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