My Internship at Hive NYC

My internship at the Hive NYC has being really fun and also challenging at the same time. I work Monday, Thursday, and Friday every week. The biggest and the most challenging thing that I did so far was creating a project for Another Mouse intern and I were assigned create these project because the Hive was going to take students from some of the organizations that are part of the Hive Learning Network to the documentary “Bully”. We wanted the students to have a take away from the event. The biggest challenge was that we’ve never seen the film and we had to create projects for it. I decided to create a project that will allow people to Take a Stand for something or a particular cause that they really care about. I already knew some basic html and css which gave me a head start on creating the project. Throughout the time that it took me to create the project, I learned a lot more about html and css. The whole experience was really interesting (including writing descriptions and creating display pictures). The movie was really thought provoking and it basically made everyone want to do something about bullying. It really makes me feel proud when I see other students like me use/work on the project that I created. Interning at the Hive is pretty awesome :D

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