Weeks 1 and 2 in Citigroup

On my first day at Citigroup, I was introduced to my coworkers and my desk where I’ll be at for the duration of my internship. I was given a tour of the floor and the floors that each of my coworkers are assigned to. I have 6 coworkers: Tommy (the project manager), Tino (the assistant project manager), Nathan, Syed, Kenny, and Wilson (I think my desk used to be his). Each of them are responsible for tickets (which are requests for solving issues) from the different floors that they are assigned to. During these first 2 weeks, I was learning the basics of networking, rebuilding laptops, building new desktops, fixing printers, moving and swapping computers, reimaging computers, learning how to use the remote desktop (although I don’t have access to it), etc. My coworkers are pretty chill and aren’t really that strict because they let me change my schedule from 9-5 to 8-4 and even let me listen to music when I’m not working. I had my first ticket yesterday and it was about a person who didn’t understand why his 2nd monitor didn’t work. The hard part wasn’t resolving the issue, it was actually finding the guy because there are over 40 floors in this building and each of them are huge. Once I got there, I realized that the problem was that the DVI cable wasn’t inserted into the monitor so I just plugged it in and I finished my first ticket! Overall, I’m learning a LOT of stuff here and it’s pretty interesting so I hope to continue to learn stuff under my coworkers.


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