LivePerson Week 2.5

This is my week 2.5 at LivePerson and i’ve continued to have great experiences. Me and the other intern Omar have had a chance to do some exciting interviews for the community teams C squared project, And we are also very close at finally getting the word out about our first internal campagne.

At the end of last week apart from continuing work on our campagnes me and Omar got to help Some of the Community team with Street interviews for one of their projects C squared. In short it’s a project that shows the possibility of how that gap between customer to customers customers can be gaped. We went to Wall street and asked questions to people of the street about their loyalty to their bank. Omar held up the thermometer that me and him made specifically for that video. While I was manning the audio during the interviews.

Throughout the last week and a half me and Omar have also been working on launching a new campaign for nation called the baby photo campagne. The goal is to get more people to use the internal LIvePerson site nation and were planning on doing that by getting them to upload baby photos of themselves, and also look at others baby photos and try to guess who they are.This week we finally got our blog post up that introduces the campaign and hopefully we will soon get an email out announcing the campaign to all the LP offices worldwide.


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