Lunch Time

Remember one of the previous challenges we brainstormed- to take our mentors to lunch? Well my mentor beat me to the chase and invited me along with his co-workers to have lunch. The topics for discussions were mostly work-based gossip and about, well, their work. The topic suddenly shifted towards me and my internship. They started to recall what they each did during their 10th grade summer and it was interesting. Going to Polytech for the summer, working in a small-time company as an accountant, working with the salvation army as a volunteer, and as an intern at a hospital. Its funny to see how they ended up in Executive Support at Citi. I was able to discover much of their past including that these four friends were part of a company called 4G to which they joked, they were the original G’s (lol). The majority of the conversation however soon became what we will call “Men’s” talk and confidential (insults at other people) so will digress from furthering the topic. Nonetheless it was nice to see the other mentors I worked with so far gathered together like so.


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