Women’s workshop at Clear

I learnt a lot for the workshop with the female workers at Clear. It was interesting because I got to found out the secrets of how a company that works a lot behind the scenes, but is never given credit in front of the audiences work. Clear goes through a long chain of process, with each different group working together. I find that very interesting because that long process is only one tiny step to a product for a company to be sold to the audiences that likes the advertisement. However, one thing I was wondering about during the workshop was what do they do if they’ve finished gathering a final idea for company A’s new product and Company A doesn’t reply back. I was thinking they might just go on with another idea for Company B and wait for Company A to reply on their idea.

During this workshop, we had each had a chance of talking to the female workers at Clear about our Legacy projects. I was talking to a lady named Hayley and she said her brother was color-blind and he was in college. She said he sometimes had so much trouble with deciding what to wear because of his disability and because of that he would even send her pictures of himself wear the clothing and askign her opinion on how it is. From this conversation, I got a strong feeling that if the Fashionator were to be finished and finalized, many people would be able to benefit from it and the original goal, to help the blind and the visually-impaired, would be reached to the greatest extend.

I’m so glad I was able to go to this meeting. I learned a lot of useful information and I’m glad I can finally be able to decide what my major(s) are and what can I do for my future as well as the world.


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