Tough Times At S&C

I’ve been interning at S&C for a few weeks now. I learned about how hard the real working world is because I see that even though there are times that the PC Support group/ Hardware Support group are really busy, but even when they have to tickets to work on, they still look for more work to do. However, I also see how lazy the Hardware support group are because they don’t do much of the support work. S&C has a large storage of computers, printers, desktops, laptops, keyboards, etc. This is why there must be constant check of inventory to make sure that everything is found. Also, this large storage gives another problem of getting everything messed up. The different models of desktops and laptops are all organized in a spot but once the machines needs to be repaired, the hardware support group doesn’t repair it because they need to replace the machine for the person whose machine was broken. This causes more and more confusion between which machine is good and which machine is bad. Many times, some machines that comes back from a person that left must be re-imaged before given to another person. And to image the machines, the machine has to first be taken out of the counsel, but if no one takes the machine out of the counsel, then the machine can not be imaged and it’ll just stay in stock and so if someone needs a machine, we won’t be able to provide one quickly. To me, this is the hardest tough time to overcome in S&C.


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