LivePerson week 3.5

This is my week 3.5 at Liveperson, In this last week I was able to realize how important it is for Liveperson and most likely any company to have a online community and maintain it. One of the Task’s me and Omar started on friday was checking out the external community website for LivePerson and other B to B companies to see how we could make the experience of joining the LIveperson community easier. Personally I got to discover how easy it is for a person to get deterred from a website know that I was aware of what I was doing I realised how very simple things can throw you off. Within the handful of websites that I signed up for one constant was always the email verification and filling out detailed information. Two of the websites had very simple very clean layouts but when I asked myself why I prefer one over the other The only explanation I could think of was the friendlier more appealing colors on one of them. Some of the websites just asked you for to much information making me think of giving up on it before even getting to see the actual community page. In the end between me and Omar the website we decided was simplest and liveperson should base their registration method ended being very similar to the one they already had in place.

Most of the other time of the past week has been spent working on gathering information from the Live person external community website. One of the task’s I was doing was making sure I log every Conversation/thread/Question that needed any type of response or action from a Live person employee. First thought is why does this matter, why would it be so important to get back to a question that may have been posted maybe 2 years ago. As I started reading thru thread and thread of questions and comments. I saw how the person’s thoughts of liveperson changed once they got a response from someone. For example A post that would start as a question would start off as simple as “how can I fix this error/glitch”. As a LivePerson Employee would respond they would Explore all these possible solutions and from doing that a person would ask something like “So with if this is possible would it also be possible to do this” and so on. A conversation that started with an error would end with talking about other products, future updates and the thought of other possibilities with Liveperson services at their company.


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