Blog Post #2

While at Citi, although my internship is regarding technology, I have also learned about the financial world and how stock markets operate. I’ve noticed different stock markets and the different point values that are assigned next to each, some being negative and some being positive. One of my mentors told me that these values represent how many losses or profits the stock markets are projected to make. These values are estimated based upon the consumers’ and public’s optimism regarding a certain product, company, etc. For example, if Apple came out with a brand new product that has everybody ecstatic, the stock market price will go up in accordance to the public’s optimism. Of course, it’s important to note that these are not completely reliable because some of the people in charge of assigning these values can abuse this power by assigning false values in order to sway the public in the wrong direction. The purpose of doing this is to have fewer people interested in a certain product, so that the people in charge of creating the values can take this opportunity to invest their money into the product and gain a lot of profit, since the public, who has been tricked, will be less willing to invest their money into the product.


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