Intro to Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP


My first week at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP was interesting. After meeting Ms. Nunez (Human Resources), the first day began with a training session on the basics, logging into servers, etc. My afternoon consisted of security/evacuation, sexual harassment, and data protection videos. 2 1/2 hours of review. I was anxious to enter the IT department! My first day was full of new faces.

Inside “Information Systems”

As I entered the Info Systems room, I was greeted with 6 cubicles with 4 people in them. My new, direct supervisor, Jerzy, sat me at Mr. Gonzalez desk. I was overwhelmed with nervousness as I approached an ongoing conversation that was going on. I was greeted by two support team members. Rick and Steven. I was not aware of the support procedure, but I was to follow them to learn on my own. It was similar to S&C LLP’s procedure. I was going to like it here…


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