Last week at S&C

This week is the last week of my internship at S&C. On Monday, I went to lunch with one of my mentors because he is going on vacation on Tuesday to England. I hope he can enjoy this trip because I feel that he is a hardworker and sometimes you need to relax from all the things that you do.
Another co-worker of mine is a very interesting man. He says he is cute when he shaves, but I don’t really see the difference…. (Sorry Gil) Anyways, he is an awesome guy who can do many things. He is cool on many matter and I think he’s really one of the people that I can look up to if I need a model for a good worker.
I feel that in S&C, many people are hard workers who work to their best, then they relax with other simpler jobs. Interning in S&C really gave me a good view of the working world. Before, when I was on shadowing people, I never done anything that they actually do.
For example, during this internship, I found out that S&C needs people to do the background hardware work. When a lawyer leaves the firm, their firm-provided laptop must be wiped/re-imaged for other lawyers to be able to use them.
Everyone that I’ve worked with are very cool. They work to their best and some of them hardly ever get angry at certain people that comes to them for every little thing that they can do themselves. Sometimes, a lawyer will call to ask why can’t they connect to remote access, and the reason may even be becacuse they forgot to put the internet cable in. I feel that the PC support and the Hardware support staff really do have a tough time working with certain people.
In S&C, most people only know PC Support as their only solution to their technology problems. Which is why some PC Support guys will even end up having calls that continue after one another, leaving them no time to do other things.
I do feel bad for some of them, but there is nothing they can do, when the whole building knows that they have the answer to 99.9999999999% of all their questions.
In technical training department, I’ve learned a lot about public speaking and working like a team in the professional working world.
I’ll treasure this experience forever. Thank you MOUSE, Thank You S&C!


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