TIme Inc./PPH

The shadowship at Time Inc. was a short, but interesting one. On the first day, I met up with Jose from MOUSE who helped me get over my fear of the first day. The initial process to enter the building was very hectic at first, but I learned to get used to it. When I first entered the building, I was very tense, because I thought I would have to act professional, but once I got to the service desks, I found out the people there were actually really cool people. I got along well with the staff (at least I think) and had a great first day. On the second day, I moved up a level, and got to go to the a room where a person was imaging a computer. I got to help out on the last few, and I learned a lot. On the third day, I moved up again, and got to go where the requests for tech support get processed and, in some cases, resolved. On the final day, I was able to see the main nerve room for all the computers in the building. I was able to see every server in the building and it was really awesome. After a week break, I started my shadowship at PPH. For the first week, we discussed the design of the game, and we planned out the game. For the second week, we spilt up into groups and got to work on our own versions of the game. Although we didn’t get to finish completely, we learned a lot about game design and the large amount of work that has to be put in. All in all, the shadowships were fun and very educational experiences that I will never forget.


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