Cerebral Palsy Info Session Notes

-Disability is partially what society think it is (ex. how being left handed and bad eyesight was a disability)
-Sympathy means feeling sorry for someone else or yourself
-Empathy means walking in someone else’s shoes
-Sock Activity: 2 teams of 2
*One person from each team has to put a sock on the hand that they don’t write with
*They have to make a pile of paper with the socked hand (the challenge is grabbing the paper with the socked hand)
*The other person in the team gives the player advice on how to succeed with the challenge
-“The Grabber”: A tool that helps people with cerebral palsy pick stuff up if they drop them and helps with dining needs
-Voice Output Devices: Helps people with cerebral palsy communicate their needs with people
-Wheelchair: Has velcro by the feet, has a crutch holder in the back, it has straps by the feet that helps the person stay in the chair so they don’t slide off. The wheelchair has different speeds.
-Goggle Activity: Participants have to go through a maze wearing goggles with clear nail polish on them (they can’t see through the goggles)
*One person has the pen and is going through the maze with the goggles on
*The other person is giving directions that will help the other get through the maze
-To figure out the skill level of someone with cerebral palsy they should ASK THEM not just assume what they need
-Card Activity: There is a phrase on a card that one person has to get across to the other person without using words or hands (2 teams)
Without hands or words: Seems really challenging because of communication issues
One hand and no words: Still seems really challenging because message wasn’t understood
-Players were extremely frustrated because the under person didn’t understand what they are trying to say
-Some people with disabilities find it easier to use form letters to communicate, so you have to know what letters they’re working on
-Hand Tape Activity: One person has to tape up the others least dominant hand. A blank piece of paper is placed in front of the person with taped hands and they have to write their names
-If your assisting someone you should pay attention to details like making sure that the disabled people are also included with decision making
-Wake-Up Call Video:
*People with disabilities just like everybody else
*It is important for people with disabilities to express their needs
*People with cerebral palsy are afraid that people will be scared of them and they might think CP is contagious
*Want to be treated with respect and be able to make their own decisions
*Want to be treated like every other person
*People with disability want people to recognize their needs and listen to them.
*Do not assume things about people with disabilities
*People think that people with CP can’t speak or think by themselves
*People with disabilities want to be asked before being helped
*People with CP/disabilities have sex and do get pregnant
*Don’t talk about people with disabilities behind their back or disregard them
*Look at what they can do and not what they can’t do
-Biggest Challenge:
Transportation without motorized wheelchair
Moving legs around
-Lack of oxygen to the brain can cause cerebral palsy (usually during birth)
Daily Difficulties:
Low vision: uses magnifier
Ability to walk
-On planes they have flight chairs for people with disability and they let the person with disability get on first
-Usually power chairs get destroyed during flights so manual chair have to be used
Least Favorite:
Wheelchair: less independence compared to crutches
Power chair because it’s easier to move around
-Want tools/device that would encourage independence
-Want devices that will help with art
-Would like to change chair to get around a bit faster

Hiram’s Notes:
Power chair doesn’t work after plane ride.
Special keyboard that has words instead of letters.

Wheel chairs arnt good, least favorite tool/ less spacious, less Mobil than crouches. Power chairs are better.

Wanting for more independence

Some people like to do art but it is hard to move hands

Some people like to record but it is hard to move the camera and such.

Going to the bathroom is hard, hard to tell others they have to use bathroom.

Gears on wheel chair that can help go up some steps…..like a bike but with an wheel with a flat step attached to it.


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