CP Meeting 1

What is Sympathy? Feeling sorry for yourself, or someone else
What is Empathy? Walking in someone else’s shoes.
People with disabilities would rather have people feel empathetic, not sympathetic towards them.
Dominate Hand: One you use most
One student has to create a new pile of paper from an old pile using their least dominate hand, that is covered in a sock.
Grabber: If something drops on the floor, the grabber picks it up.
Automatic feeder: Machine that helps feed someone with Cerebral Palsy
Judy: If I had a manual wheelchair, it would be hard for me to push. I have a automated wheelchair, that is on low speed
Students put on googles with nail polish, and had to work through a paper maze.
Vernita: Ask me what I can do.
Dont just do something for someone, ASK!
Student has to communicate a phrase without using words or arms.
Judy: Some people with disabilities find it easier to use form letters to communicate, so you have to know what letter they are working on.
Students have to write their name with their least dominate hand, that is taped.
Don’t be afraid
Respect: Treated like a human Being
Don’t assume
People with disabilities have sex.
Let people with disabilities can speak for themselves.
They do not feel scared alone.
Problems: Traveling, moving legs around. Low vision.
Power chairs dont work with flights.
Least favorite device: wheelchair, PREFERS CRUTCHES.
CP: Brain injury from birth.

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