After minutes of discussions between group members Edvinas…

After minutes of discussions between group members, Edvinas, Alan, Jay, Hiram, Eric, and Winston, we have reorganized our observations and notes. Our themes are The Camera, Assistance, Personal Interests, Miscellaneous Facts. Last week we went to interview Tony, Mike, Judy and Laura their photography teacher. There we interviewed these people, as well as conducting observations. The data we gathered are as followed:
1) problem taking pictures at eye level- Tony and Mike
2)mike prefers a voice control camera
3) some people have a better grip on one hand- the three agreed they had more control of their right hand
4) They have trouble hitting/clicking the button to take a picture. They require assistance.
5) All utilizes the arm bar- a hack
6) Big cameras are hard to handle
7) hard time looking at pictures afterwards- require it to be projected or on a large screen
8) Judy is able to hold the camera with difficulty but enjoys “playing” around with it.
9) Isolating one finger is difficult- all three
10)Mike likes to film- he has a film about wrestling
11) had only a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on available camera.
12) Commute by Acces-a-ride- they do not like it. Sometimes by UCP bus.
13) Tony likes radio
14) Handle bars limit creativity
among many other things.


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