UCP Observations–Hannah

1) General conditions (struggles, etc)

  • Repetitive
  • Age 29
  • pills required
  • has a brother in college
  • blind from left eye
  • struggle: lifting arms up

2) Independence

  • power chair – limits
  • Special scissors
  • normal chair – limits

3) Painting

  • Stiff arms+hands
  • usually uses acrylic paint
  • positions uncomfortable
  • favorite color to paint: Purple b/c it’s the easiest to see outside
  • 2hrs to get dressed for painting
  • usually paints boats
  • cant’ change color on her own
  • needs apron
  • chair limits movement/ art

4) misc. observations

  • Natalie has max 12 people/class
  • Natalie can’t make it to everyone at once
  • Limits hannah’s time to paint

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