Raziye & Omar – Transit/Mobility Don’t re-invent the Wheel!

What is the challenge you are researching? Transit/ Mobility for people with Cerebral Palsy

Solution 1

1) The Name of existing product:Wheelchair Accessories
No-Slip Grip-Clip
2) A link to where you found it online. http://www.wheelchairgear.com/accessories.html
3) What search terms did you use to find this product? “Wheelchair bag holder
4) Embed an image of the products you’ve found.http://www.wheelchairgear.com/images/wheelchairgrip_02.jpg
5) Describe the key features of this product. How does it address the challenge? One of the challenges was being able to hold bags. With this clip people with Cerebral palsy can hold their shopping bags.
6) How could it be improved? Though this is made for backpacks, it can be used for shopping bags. There are ways to alter the design to hold shopping bags.


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