Hannah’s Hot Rod

Team Members – Jose, Neil, Youseff, Peizhu, Eric, Maggie, Nelson. Helpers from UCP: Natalie and Hannah

To help Hannah best express her artistic vision, we came up with the idea, in which we call it “Hannah’s Hot Rod”. The “Hot Rod” is designed to help Hannah’s problems in painting and cutting. It can help her cut and paint at the same time by having a blade and brush inside a remote-controlled car that is exchangeable according to her control. Also inside the remote-controlled car, is exchangeable cartridges with paint inside where when Hannah or another person put a brush into and through the car, the paintbrush will be wetted with paint on the brush head that will paint according to the path of the car that Hannah controls. Also, to prevent wheel tracks “ruining” the painting, the wheels of the car is designed to be gear-like so that Its tracks will be dash marks instead of continuous lanes.


One thought on “Hannah’s Hot Rod

  1. Feedback:
    1. Zainab- good: Screw for different paintbrush size
    2. Michelle+natalie: Work. Amount of paint inside cartridge+on brush
    3. Maggie: Brush up/down
    4. Filipa: Hannah’s vision of the table= angle/ how will she be able to see tabletop.
    (Hannah : sunny days<= bad b/c she wont be able to see)

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