MOUSE Corps Legacy Project – Team D Brainstorm

February 2nd, 2012 @ 1:52 PM

Our Focused Question: How might we use technology to improve dexterity and independence for people with cerebral palsy?

Our topic: Dexterity and Movement

Team Members:
-Ivan P.
-Omar N.

Our project will plan to solve an issue of movement and stability that many people with CP face every day. Our plan of action is to create a project that will become an extension of the arm to be able to pick up items. We have replicated an arm that will help the user with sensing items. Pressure and precision is key to our prototype as laser pointers will be implemented to convey our interest in effective technology.

The prototype wraps around the arm and will extend to improve reach. A ball and laser pointer supports the user as he or she will be able to aim at the target and, with measured pressure, can be grabbed with ease. Instead of solving the issue of total mobility, we decided that creating a tool that would support reach while maintaining a stable, ergonomic position while standing up. With insight from Peter from UCP, we were able to fully understand what our issue was while kept on track in collaboration with Cooper-Hewitt and MOUSE.

More information to follow in the following days.

Our feedback given by others:
-Difficult, mechanism is too complex?
-Good idea, especially with the fact that it is flexible and improves grip for the user. Accuracy seems like an imperative feature.
-Consider weight. It is not useful if it very heavy. Shoudl it be attached to the crutch?
-Marc: Great going big, great pitch. Avoid conspicuous technology. How can we conceal this?


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