New ideas/ Updates for Hannah's Hot Rod

  • 3D printer idea – x+y axis to get Hannah draw to computer and let printer print it out.
    – needed: good nosel/modules to do painting
    – good: more economical, prints fast
    * user-selected function: speed of printing, printing as she paints on screen(****real-time) or printing when user clicks on print.
    – joy-stick movement (real-time)
    – d-axis for dipping (how much of brush is dipped in) — Hannah uses different types of paint **experiment needed
    – less tiring/no dropping of brush
    – area of painting (let user choose size of canvas)
    – record painting movement (use of history of movement is optional)
    – set place/ coordinates of where the paint/water is, next to canvas
    – set the brush to memorize last spot that Hannah was painting before dipping paint
    * exchangeable nosel so idea can both fit painting and cutting purposes, cutting: set simple shapes memory
    – cutting: laser cutter

** must have a joystick as similar to her own joystick as possible
– make user put material waiting to be cutted at certain place of setted coordinates, so laser will

  • Hannah’s Rod – moves too slow
    – problem: place for paint cartridge(s)
  • summary of meeting: new idea adapted
    * research: – smallest type of extruder(paint inside brush), air brush, + cutter
    * programming language: not really needed
    * feedbacks for new idea:
    – don’t place nosel in center — it’ll block view

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